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Tri-Way Drive-In

We can help you line-up
your fundraiser!

Miniature Golf Tournaments at Tri-Way Family Golf As Fundraisers

Tri-Way Family Golf is committed to allowing area groups to use our facility to host and sponsor fund raising events in our community. In order to assist you with your planning, we have created the following chart. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at just how successful your project can be !

For more information , contact David Kinney at 574-952-5031,or send an e-mail here.

How much money can you raise ? Click here.
Hours available for charity tournaments - Click Here

  • Closing the course fee: $300.00 for closing Tri-Way Family Golf, additional employees, tournament assistance, clean-up. If there are less than 25 golfers participating, then we reserve the right to open the course to the public.
  • Tri-Way Family Golf charges a green fee of $3.00 per person for charity tournaments. Please call or e-mail to schedule your event to avoid conflict.
  • You decide the entry fee for your tournament, the day and time.
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